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LOS ANGELES BASIN SECTION SPE - September 1999 Newsletter

Letter from the Chairperson...

Welcome back! I hope your summer was filled with good and memorable events. I want to thank all the members for their support and participation this past year. As usual, the Section worked hard to maintain its fine level of service to our members and community, as we have done in the past. In keeping with this tradition, the Section is preparing to serve as host for the Western Regional Meeting (WRM 2000). The event will be held at the Long Beach Westin Hotel in June of 2000. More information is coming soon.

As you all know, every good and successful event requires work both great and small. This being my last newsletter, I would like to remind you that it's easier to volunteer for an SPE activity than you think. The toughest jobs are already taken. However, the individuals that perform the small jobs are just as important and appreciated. If you can afford to contribute a few hours per month, the LA Basin Section can use your help. Please contact any of the Board Officers listed on the back of the newsletter for further information.

Vivian K. Bust has been nominated as the Section Chairperson. She has served as Vice Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary and Co-chair on Forums and committees since joining the Section. I know she will do a good job. Please give her your support as you have given me. In parting, I would like to say it was my pleasure serving as Chair and I will continue to serve on the Board as Chair for the community Outreach and Program committees. So let's have a productive and enjoyable year, I hope to see you at our meetings.

Thank you,

Ed Santiago
1999 Chairperson


Ed Santiago, Chairman, DOGGR, (714) 816-6847
John Thompson Program, Gas Co., (562) 578-2641
John Jepson, Treasurer, DOGGR, (714) 816-6847
Kirby Lindsey, Secretary , THUMS, (562) 624-3347


DATE: Tuesday, September 14, 1999

TIME: 11:30 am - Social
12:00 pm - Lunch
12:30 pm - Presentation

PLACE: Long Beach Petroleum Club
3636 Linden Avenue

COST: $15.00 General Admission
$5.00 Student


SPEAKER: Raymond A. Norris
SPE Distinguish Lecturer

TOPIC: The Reservoir is Talking...
Is Anyone Listening?

Abstract: Optimal management of oil and gas assets is critical to all upstream petroleum companies. Reservoir monitoring is a critical activity in the reservoir management process. The goal of reservoir monitoring is to provide an understanding to the distribution and movement of fluids within a reservoir as well as routine data relative to well production and performance. The reservoir surveillance plan should anticipate the actual reservoir performance and how recovery mechanisms will likely deviate from the planned model. Examples will be shown of good and poor reservoir monitoring practices. Advances in technology for the monitoring of reservoirs such as time lapsed seismic monitoring application will be covered.

Biography: Mr. Norris is Chevron's Principal Technical Advisor for Petroleum Engineering. In this capacity he works for Chevron's Petroleum Technology Company (CPTC) with worldwide responsibility for maintaining Chevron's excellence in petroleum engineering. He is a member of Chevron's Reserves Advisory Committee responsible for approving annual reviews of Chevron's reserves. Prior to his current assignment, Mr. Norris was the General Manager of Reservoir Management for CPTC and before that he was Chief Engineer for Chevron's U.S. Western and Central Regions. He previously served as the petroleum engineering supervisor for Chevron's Ninian field U.K. operations. Mr. Norris received his BS and MS degrees in Petroleum engineering from the University of California, Berkeley.

For information, please contact:
John Thompson, The Gas Co. (562) 578-2641
John Jepson, DOGGR (714) 816-6847
Kirby Lindsey, THUMS (562) 624-3347
Tom Hoy, L.B. Dept. of Oil Properties (562) 570-3943


The Desk & Derrick Club of Long Beach cordially invites you to attend their annual "Industry Appreciation Luncheon", October 20, 1999, 11:30am, at the Long Beach Petroleum Club. Cost: $20.00

The speaker will be Elena S. Melchert, U.S. Dept. of Energy. Ms. Melchert's topic is "America's Oil: Our Strategic Resource Initiatives for Energy Security".

Please send reservations by Oct. 10th to:
Carolyn White
3078 Josie Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90808
(562) 425-3872




Board of Directors Meeting
Wednesday, Sept. 1st, 12pm

Petroleum Technology Forum
Tuesday, Sept. 14th, 11:30am

PTTC West Coast Resource Center
Friday, Sept. 24th, 8:30am
Oilfield Troubleshooter's Forum
(213) 740-8076

Desk & Derrick Club of Long Beach
Industry Appreciation Luncheon
October 20, 1999, 11:30am
LB Petroleum Club

Awards & Nominations
Election Announcement

The Awards & Nominations Committee, at the direction of the Board of Directors, has nominated Vivian K. Bust as the 1999-2000 Los Angeles Basin Section Chairperson. She replaces Ed Santiago whose term will end September 30, 1999. Vivian is a consulting engineer/geologist. She has been a member of SPE since 1983 and joined the LA Basin Section in 1987. In the LA Basin Section, she has served as the Section Vice Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary and Co-Chair of the New Technology & Environmental Forum. She has served on the Technical Program Committee of the 1999 SPE/EPA Conference held in Austin, Texas and as Co-Program Chair of the 1997 Western Regional Meeting held in Long Beach, California.

The outgoing 1999 Directors whose three-year terms will end in September are Jeff Blesener and Wes Wisdom. Incoming Director nominations are under consideration and will be announced shortly on our webpage.

The Board has nominated the above candidate to fill the position of Section Chairperson, and shortly, will also be making Director nominations. Per our Section Bylaws, and as a Section member, you have the right and responsibility to nominate yourself or others. Such nominations must be endorsed by 10 Section members in good standing (e.g. members whose dues are current). Send completed nominations to Kevin O'Malley, Secretary by September 20th. Contact Sam Sarem, Awards and Nominations Chairperson, with any questions regarding nominations.


The PTTC Oilfield Troubleshooter's Forum

DATE: Friday, September 24, 1999

TIME: 8:30 am - Registration
9:00 am - Program
12:15 pm - Luncheon

COST: $25.00 (Includes luncheon and workshop materials)

RESERVATIONS: By September 17, 1999

PLACE: Savannah's at The Hill House
Bakersfield, California

PROGRAM: Forum Moderator: Dave Kilpatrick, Consultant
Speakers: Dan Kramer, CIPA; James L. Barnes, U.S. Dept of Energy National Petroleum Technology Office; Tom Tanton, CEC; Dick Russell, St. James Oil Corp.; Richard Bennett, Patriot Resources, LLC; Shaded Meshkati, West Coast PTTC; Dr. Iraj Ershaghi, West Coast PTTC; Chris Hall, Drilling & Production Company

This workshop is intended to provide an opportunity for the independent producers to learn about various support mechanisms available in California for realizing improvements in their operations. All producers and consultants are urged to attend.


Fred Crosby

Its Not My Default
Subscriber I. Alora, writes, "Since upgrading to Windows 98, all my apps want to open and save files to the "My Documents" folder by default. I don't want everything there. How do I made it stop?"

Unfortunately, you'll need to change the default directory of each application by hand. (Fortunately, you'll only need to do it once). In many cases, an application provides this capability. For example, in Microsoft Work, you can change the default directory as follows:
Select Tools, Options, click the File Locations tab, select a file type, click Modify, navigate your way to the folder of your choice, and click OK.

If an application doesn't offer this feature (Word is a good example), you'll need to change the default directory at the Windows level. Locate the shortcut you use to open the application (most likely in the desktop of Start menu), right-mouse-click it and select Properties. Click the Shortcut tab, type the path of the desired default directory in the "Start in" text box, then click OK. From now on, as long as you use this shortcut to open the application, your selected default will stick.

(Note: In a given work session, if you navigate your way to another folder inside the Open of Save dialog box, that folder will remain the "default" until you switch to another or close and re-open the application.)

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