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Hello fellow SPE members,

Extra. Extra. Because of circumstances beyond our control the newsletter was delayed, so a supplemental newsletter has been issued, please read on! Let me first congratulate our past chairman, Mitch Findlay for his outstanding leadership of our Section during the last season. What an act to follow!! Among the great activities conducted by our Section was sponsoring the 1997 Western Regional Meeting under the leadership of General Chairman, Scott Hara. By enthusiasm, hard work and innovations, Scott and his committee chairs and team members created the best ever WRM. Please visit the LA Basin Web Site to read more about the results of the meeting and upcoming Section Events.

Our heartfelt thanks to Carol Rawnsley of the City of Long Beach Department of Oil Properties for her dedicated work in preparing our newsletter over the past years. We are sorry that due to the press of work she has resigned as the Newsletter Editor

On behalf of SPE, I would like to express our Section's gratitude to the outgoing Directors - Mei Chang, Fred Crosby and Kevin O'Malley; to ALL the Committee Chairs and Officers; and to welcome our new Directors - Rich Faulk, Larry Gilpin and Dr. Jalal Torabzadeh. The roster of the current Board members, officers, directors and committee chairs are listed on the back page of this Newsletter.

On July 16, our Board members and new committee chairs met to discuss plans for the entire season. An excellent program has been planned for you. The committee chairs will give you a glimpse of our program in this and upcoming newsletters and preview programs at our Internet Web Site.

On Tuesday September 23, our Section has the pleasure of sponsoring Industry Appreciation Night.

This year the theme of our dinner meeting is "The Changing Workplace". Our featured speaker is TEXACO's Director of Employment and Diversity, Mr. Edward Gadsden. Mr. Gadsden will speak on TEXACO's Diversity Success Story and TEXACO's global diversity strategy to increase TEXACO's expertise in responding to a diverse global market place. During dinner SPE will be thanking volunteers and acknowledging our petroleum-related industry and governmental partners working within the community. The Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition will be held in San Antonio, Texas on October 5-8, 1997.

Sam Sarem, Chair



Our Western Regional Meeting held in Long Beach in June is now a fond memory of a successful conference that we all jointly labored to produce. In common during our conference preparation was an unprecendented cooperative team effort and committment to the task of developing the best most innovative and exciting conference with bottom-line benefits to all participants. Scott Hara spear headed this effort, set the tone and lead by example throughout these last two years of preparation to meet our goals.

At the July Board of Directors meeting, the Section acknowledged Scott Hara by presenting him with the Section Service Award for outstanding contributions to the Section and for his committment to the conference as the General Chairman of the SPE 1997 Western Regional Meeting. The personalized portion of the award citation reads... "In recognition of your vision, innovation and leadership during our journey to create A New Dawn in the Old West".

Congratulations Scott!

WRM Team and Section Membership



As your new Continuing Education Chairman, I would like to solicit your input as to what subjects should be offered by our Local Section as Continuing Educational Courses for the 1997-98 season. As you may know it has been difficult in the recent past to generate enough participants to make these courses fly. Typically, a minimum of registration of 5 or 6 people are needed to break even.

What are your thoughts as to time of day and which days of the week would be most successful in drawing participants? One to two day courses seem to be fairly popular because of time constraints on professional work schedules. Please give me the benefit of your thoughts. Please communicate with me on these subjects by fax (562) 694-694-7746 or email at

Bruce Davis, Continuing Education Chairman



The 1997 SPE Annual Technology Conference and Exhibition (ATCE) will be held on Ocotober 5-8, 1997 in San Antonio, Texas. The ATCE is your best opportunity to catch up on the lastest technology and business solutions in the oil and gas industry. For more information check the SPE home page at:




Bruce Hesson, Chairman, Div. of Oil and Gas, Dept. of Conservation - (562) 590-5311

Ron Behrens, Program Chairman, Chevron Petroleum Technology Co. (562) 694-7813

Ed Santiago, Treasurer, Div. of Oil and Gas, Dept. of Conservation - (562) 590-5311

John Thompson, Secretary, The Gas Co. - (310) 578-2689






Vivian K. Bust, Mission Geoscience, Inc., (714) 955-9086

Scott Hara, Tidelands Oil Production Co., (562) 436-9918

Ed Mayer, Consultant, (626) 796-4437

Allan Spivak, Intera-Duke, (310) 979-4777

Michael Hagood, ARCO Env. Remed., LLC (213) 486-3685



Date: Wednesday, Sept. 17, 1997

Time: Attitude Adjustment 6:00 p.m.

Dinner 6:30p.m.

Program 7:30p.m.

Place: Long Beach Petroleum Club

3636 Linden Avenue, Long Beach, CA

Directions: Atlantic exit, 405 FWY, Go north 3 signals to 36th St., then left one block to Linden, turn right.

Price: $20

Reservations: (562) 624-3377, Ed Mayer at THUMS

Topic: Offshore Operations - New Technologies and California Offshore Platform Abandonment Issues.

Speakers: Robert Visser, Belmar Engineering

Lee Bafalon, Chevron, Coordinator of Permitting and Regulatory Affairs.

Our distinguished speakers will discuss what's new in offshore operations including new technologies and abandonment issues related to California offshre operations. Lee Bafalon will talk about Chevron's plans to decommission the billion dollar three-platform project at Point Arguello.

Moderator: Allan Spivak, INTERA-Duke, Inc.


The Changing Workplace

On Tuesday September 23, SPE LA Basin Presents our Annual Industry Appreciation Night. Get a glimpse of the industry's future in California and the Los Angeles Basin. We will present a vision of an optimistic, but different operating scenario for our companies and the Society of Petroleum Engineers.

With the passing of California's Proposition 209, banning affirmative action at State agencies and universities, how will national, much less multinational companies respond to the changing requirements of the workplace? TEXACO has had to face a public barrage of scrutiny on this topic lately. We will have TEXACO's Director of Employment and Diversity, Edward Gadsden talk on:

"TEXACO's Diversity Success Story"

Mr. Gadsden is from TEXACO's Corporate office in White Plains, New York. In his position, he will help assure the supply of qualified external talent to satisfy Texaco's staffing needs; direct Texaco's college recruitment efforts, ensure Texaco's compliance with U.S. Equal Employment Laws and Affirmative Action regulations; and develop and implement a global diversity strategy to increase Texaco's expertise in responding to a diverse, global marketplace.

This is a topic of interest to anyone concerned with the workplace in California. There will be mention of what the Society of Petroleum Engineers is doing to help education and diversity in California schools. Learn what YOUR society is doing to improve the image of the oil industry. Please bring your "significant" other and help educate "civilians" about the Society and the Industry's benefits to California.

Date: Tuesday, September 23, 1997

Time: Cocktail Hour 5:00 p.m.

Dinner 6:00 p.m.

Program 6:45 p.m.

Place: Long Beach Petroleum Club

3636 Linden Avenue, Long Beach, CA

Directions: Atlantic exit, 405 FWY. Go north 3 signals to 36th St., then left one block to Linden, turn right.

Price: $25

Reservations: Scott Hara (562) 495-9351

Society of Petroleum Engineers


c/o Mitchell Findlay

11526 E. Banyan Rim Drive

Whittier, CA 90601




Sam Sarem

Improved Petro. Recovery Consultants

(714) 692-1198

Vice Chairman, Director, 98

Bruce Hesson

CA State Division of Oil & Gas

(562) 590-5311

Secretary/Director, 98

Vivian Bust

Mission Geoscience, Inc.

(714) 955-9086


Mei Chang

Chevron Petroleum Technology Co.

(562) 694-9280

Junior Past Chairman

Mitchell Findlay

Pruett Industries

(805) 589-2768

Senior Past Chairman

Greg Scott

CA State Lands Commission

(562) 590-5740


Awards & Communications

Mitchell Findlay

Pruett Industries

(805) 589-2768

Career Guidance-Cochair

Greg Scott

CA State Lands Commission

(562) 590-5740

Career Guidance-Cochair

Wes Wisdom

Tidelands Oil Production Co.

(562) 436-9918

Community Relations & Director, 98

Scott Hara

Tidelands Oil Production Co.

(562) 495-9351

Computer Chairman

Fred Crosby

Crosby Consulting

(562) 431-5086

Continuing Education

Bruce Davis

Chevron Petroleum Technology Co.

(562) 694-7154

New Technology & Environmental

Ed Mayer


(818) 796-4437

Golf Tournament

Fred Crosby

Crosby Consulting

(562) 431-5086

Internet Webmaster, Director, 00

Larry Gilpin

Pump Affiliates

(714) 847-7119

Membership Cochair & Director, 99

Jeff Blesener

Dept. Of Oil Prop. City of Long Beach

(562) 570-3905

Membership Cochair & Director ,00

Rich Faulk

THUMS Long beach Co.

(562) 624-3335

OCEC, LACES & Director, 00

Jalal Torabzadeh

California State Univ., Long Beach

(562) 985-8181

Program & Director, 99

Ed Santiago

California State Division of Oil & Gas

(562) 590-5311

PTTC Representative

Hooshang Kharabaf

University of Southern California

(213) 740-9578

Scholarship & Social Activities

Bruce Hesson

California State Division of Oil & Gas

(562) 590-5311

Science Fair Liaison

Shahed Meshkati

University of Southern California

(213) 740-0016

Student Liaison

Kevin O'Malley


(562) 597-3977

Technical Mentor

Lyman Handy

University of Southern California

(213) 740-0324

US Council & Director, 99

Wes Wisdom

Tidelands Oil Production Co.

(562) 436-9918

Western Region Director

Marina Voskanian

CA State Lands Commission

(562) 590-5291

The year number next to a director's position refers to the director term limit ending date.

Newsletter Editor: Mitchell Findlay
Tel (562) 692-4474 Fax (562) 692-9299

You must notify SPE Headquarters in Richardson, Texas directly with change of address: P.O. Box 833836, Richardson, TX 75083
Tel (800) 456-6863
Fax (214) 952-9435

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