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L.A. Basin Board of Directors Nov. 6
Petroleum Technology Forum Nov. 5
Environmental & Study Group Forum Nov. 25


Did you attend the National SPE convention in Denver? I hear it was well attended, I was pleasantly surprised to find a greater than expected attendance from California. Headquarters in Richardson wanted a report on the unique format of our Environmental Study Group forum. They had heard of the popularity of that group and asked for an oral report. Sam Sarem represented our Section. Check out Sam's report on the Section Officers Workshop.

Speaking of innovation, we are now fully online with our LASPE home page. Use the site to check on local events, for details on our own Western Regional Meeting, and for links to other interesting sites.

I had heard of an Internet site mentioning early termination of some offshore oil fields in the Santa Barbara Channel. For details, I logged on to LASPE, jumped to the SPE International home page, then searched various industry links. Did I find what I was looking for? No - but I sure found a lot of oil related sites that can provide useful information. Since I didn't check out any games or frivolous sites, I never felt guilty for using company time for this research. Using the Internet gives new meaning to Net Oil .

Our section recently approved the funding of four scholarships for 1997. Each award will be worth $1600 to a deserving student. The Los Angeles Basin Section has historically supported students at USC and Cal Poly Pomona. Pomona has notified us that they will no longer have an emphasis in petroleum engineering. However, Long Beach State has just started a program emphasizing petroleum engineering. So we can now help a new department with scholarship and moral support. Two of our members, Ed Meyer and Wes Wisdom have already acted as advisors to the department.

As we enter the holiday season (can you believe the time is near?), we have a lot to be thankful about: Oil prices have shown a surprising robustness over the entire year; our industry appears stronger and more stable than in years past; there is more local activity and higher morale; the election is almost over; and we can soon get on with the business of gift shopping. Have a good Thanksgiving.

Mitch Findlay



Bruce Hesson, Chairman, Div. of Oil and Gas, Dept. of Conservation - (310) 590-5311
Ron Behrens, Program Chairman, Chevron Petroleum Technology Co. (310) 694-7813
Ed Santiago, Treasurer, Div. of Oil and Gas, Dept. of Conservation - (310) 590-5311
John Thompson, Secretary, Southern California Gas Co. - (310) 578-2689


DATE: December 3, 1996
TIME: Registration: 11:15 a.m.
Lunch: 11:45 a.m.
Speaker: 12:15 p.m.
Finish: 1:00 p.m.
PLACE: Long Beach Petroleum Club
3636 Linden Ave., Long Beach
Reservations not required.
PRICE: $15.00 - $5.00/students




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Vivian K. Bust, Consultant, (714) 786-1185
Scott Hara, Tidelands Oil Production Co.,
(310) 436-9918
Ed Mayer, Consultant, (818) 796-4437
Allan Spivak, Duke-Intera, (310) 979-4777
Warren Hildenbrandt, Consultant, (818) 992-0477


Iraj Ershaghi, USC, Regional PTTC Director (213) 740-0321
Hooshang Kharabaf , USC, Manager WCPTTC (213) 740-8076
Chris Hall , Drilling and Prod. Co. , PAG Chairman, (310) 328-2405
Mark Kapelke, Tidelands Oil Production Co. , PAG Vice Chairman, (213) 436-9918


DATE: Monday, November 25, 1996
TIME: 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
PLACE: Long Beach Petroleum Club
3636 Linden Avenue
Long Beach (310) 427-7966

SUMMARY: Five presentations in the morning, luncheon and breakout sessions with brainstorming on important issues.

ATTEND: Operators, managers,
engineers, geologists,
environmental professionals,
consultants and other

9:30-11:30 a.m. MODERATOR ED MAYER

Case Studies of Successful Horizontal and Multilateral Drilling
Dr. George Cooper, UC Berkeley

Recent Advances in Estimation of Porosity and Detection of Hydrocarbons in Cased Holes
Dr. Dan Moos, Stanford University

Novel Sand Consolidation Completion Technique Using Alkaline Steam Injection in the Tar Zone, Wilmington Field
Julius Mondragon, Tidelands Oil Production Co.

Development and Operations Under Environmental
Paul Mount, Chief of Mineral Resources Management Division, State Lands Commission

Multimedia and Petroleum Tech Transfer
Mark Kapelke, Vice President, Tidelands Oil Production Co. and The PAG Vice Chairman


Chris Hall, PAG Chairman
PTTC and Oil and Gas Producers

Dan Kramer, Executive Director , CIPA
"Producers Point of View"


Q and A on Environmental Regulations -
Discussion Leaders: Bruce Hesson, CADOGGR and Paul Mount, SLC

Point/Counter Point on
Horizontal/Multilateral Drilling
Discussion Leaders: George Cooper, UCB and Eric Upchurch

Point/Counter Point on Estimation of Oil Behind Pipe
Dan Moos, Stanford and Scott Walker Tidelands Oil Production Co.

New Interfaces for the On-line Calif. Oil and Gas Database
Discussion Leaders: Jeff Waggoner, LLNL and Shahed Meshkati, USC

3:00-3:30 SUMMARY AND WRAP-UP, Iraj Ershaghi, USC

Reports from workshops
Upcoming events

Registration fee is $25 and includes refreshments, luncheon and the workshop materials. Because of space limitations, early registration is recommended. To reserve a place, call either Ed Mayer at (310) 624-3377 or PTTC at (213)740-8076 and leave your name and phone number by November 20, 1996.

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This year's Section Officers Workshop had an innovative format. It was started by three panelists reviewing the details of the best practices of their Sections: Hans Lorup of Stavanger Petroleum discussed their highly professional Newsletter; Roy Williamson of the Permian Section talked about their newly created Internet/Home Page and I talked about the Programming in our Section. I highlighted our very successful Gem sessions (those presented by our Environmental and Study Group Forum) that have improved the attendance by 178% during the past two years with an average attendance of 43 and a high of 110. In addition, I spoke about our last three crowd-getting Community Relations Banquets and our upcoming plan to have a geologist from the White House as Community Night after-dinner speaker. The presentations were followed by many questions and answers. As many as 20 questions were asked about our programming, mostly on the format used, how we picked our topics and speakers and how much we charged. While the talks about the Newsletter and Internet were very interesting, I believe our Section is doing as well as they are. Nevertheless, there were some good suggestions that will be passed on to our Newsletter Editor and Webmaster.

Next, Region Director Mike Gatens reviewed the following SPE Vision and Mission statements and urged the section chairmen to help SPE achieve these goals:

SPE VISION: To be the preeminent technical society of the worldwide oil, gas and related industries in the provision of services to its professionals.

MISSION STATEMENT: To provide the means for collection, dissemination, and exchange of technical information concerning the development of oil and gas resources, subsurface fluid flow, and production of other materials through wellbores for the public benefit; and to provide opportunities through its programs for interested (and qualified ) individuals to maintain and upgrade their individual technical competence in the aforementioned areas for the public benefit.

He then introduced another SPE Director, Laura Hyman, who discussed SPE's new Scribe Program. That program is established to give financial support for dissemination of the best local section practices to other sections through audio and video taping of the activity and making them available to all other sections. I asked Laura if they would consider videotaping our 'Gem' sessions during the WRM in June. The answer was a definite yes. However, they need a detailed funding request from us in the near future.

Then the audience was broken into small discussion groups, each with an appointed Scribe, in a number of tables around the room. The Scribes recorded the discussions and briefly reported the results to the entire group. The suggestions will be discussed at our next local section meeting.

Next, Leanne Helgaas, SPE Sections Affair Manager thanked the large audience and the speakers and panelists for their participation and interest.

Sam Sarem,
Vice Chairman

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You can email your articles for this Newsletter to: , Attn: Carol Rawnsley. This net address is for Newsletter articles only!

Downhole video logging has been used extensively for nearly two years at Stocker Resources, Inc. In the L.A. Basin. To date, over 150 surveys have been performed, resulting in quite a large video library as well as valuable information from which to make daily well work decisions.

Nearly 50% of the video logging has been associated with evaluation of shut-in wells for return to production. For these wells, the tool is used to assess general casing integrity as well as production potential to identify oil and water entries. There have been several instances of increasing the oil rate and decreasing the WOR in wells which have been returned to production after doing work based on video log results.

Casing evaluations (e.g., for sand entry, suspected casing damage) comprise 40% of the remaining video log work at Stocker and fishing operations include 10% of the work. To date, a 70% success rate of obtaining a good video log has been achieved, which is outstanding, considering the amount of prep-work often needed in order to provide a clear picture. Future video logging enhancements which have been recognized and suggested by Stocker include increasing the higher end of the temperature tolerance to log deeper wells and combining a spinner tool to the camera assembly to detect fluid rates.

Terry Woods,

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DATE: Wednesday, November 6, 1996
TIME: 12:00 - 4:00 P.M.
COST: $60.00, includes course materials and beverages.
PLACE: Elk's Lodge, 4101 E. Willow St., Long Beach
TOPIC: Proactive Reliability Improvement Techniques

Please reserve your placement by calling the P.E.A. Office at (310) 594-8729, as soon as possible.



The new LASPE Web site will provide timely and late breaking updates on SPE activities, meetings, seminars, membership information, online newsletter and links to other industry sites. It will also provide another line of communication with Officers, Directors & Chairpersons (look for email addresses as they become available on the Officers & Committee Pages).

Those who have already ventured out on the Web know the magnificent resources it provides for research, industry and general news, hobby interests, government information (visit the Hubble Space Telescope or Library of Congress!) and just plain fun. For professional and industry information our site provides a web page of global Hyperlinks to Petroleum Information Centers, science agencies, universities and Web Search Engines. For instance, we have direct links to the International SPE, API, PTTC, U of Tulsa, USGS and CIA (great overseas info).

One of the original goals was to provide an on-ramp to the Information Super-Highway for our members. The LASPE has arranged for discount internet accounts with the Internet Service Provider 95Net.

Membership Internet Accounts:

1. Full and unlimited access to Internet: $15 per month per member account ($20 set up fee).

2. Full access up to 20 hours per month for $8 per month per member account ($20 set up fee). Access in excess of 20 hours charged at $0.50 per hour.

These are dial up accounts (modem) which include Email, Web access, a Personal Web Page space, Newsgroups and FTP. Email, FTP and browser shareware programs available from 95Net.

A SPE Membership account will have an Email address that looks like "" and a Web Page address that is "".

More info on the LASPE Web site or Membership Internet Accounts can be had from the LASPE webmaster , Larry Gilpin (email or voice at (714) 847-7119), Director Fred Crosby (email SPE Info or or voice at (310) 431-5086 or Vice Chairman Sam Sarem (email or voice (714) 692-1198).

95Net can be contacted directly at (714) 222-1034 and ask about the SPE Membership Internet Account program. Don't forget to ask for your local access phone number.

Larry Gilpin, LASPE Webmaster

Questions or comments? Send email to: SPE Info
Please report any problems to the webmaster . Website design & maintenance by Net Forge

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