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Message From Your Chair ...

Dear fellow SPE members,

What better way to start the year than with a highly successful Industry Appreciation Night. This, in spite of the late arrival of the meeting announcement in the Newsletter due to the UPS strike. Scott Hara, chairman of the Community Relations Committee, along with past LA Basin Section Chair Glenn Swanson, who invited the Texaco's Director of Diversity and Employment, Edward Gadson, and MC'd the event, are to be congratulated for a job well done. Read the details by Scott elsewhere in this Newsletter.

Six SPE members received th Legion of Honor award for being the member of SPE continuously for over 50 years. They are: Dr. George Chilingar, Dr. Richard Crog, Robert Foss, Arthur Fox, Thomas Pyburn and Robert Woodward. Messrs. Foss and Pyburn, attended the event. Congratulations to all.

Bruce Hesson, Ed Santiago, Timothy Liggett and Paul Frost received the coveted Section Distinguished Service award for outstanding service to the SPE L.A. Basin Section. Many thanks on behalf of the Section.

The ATCE in San Antonio, Texas was another SPE successful event second to none. The 93,570 square feet of Exhibits offered an opportunity to learn about thousands of new products giving us a hint of what await us in the next Century while it help produce substancial income for SPE. Of the total SPE membership of 51,000, 10,074 attended this meeting compared to 8907 last year and 8921 two years ago. There were as much as 12 simultaneous sessions for a total of 67 sessions presenting 371 papers plus 6 GEMS. Last year 334 papers were presented plus some GEMS.

At the meeting, I had the honor of moderating the Ph.D. student paper contest. As usual, the talks were ALL great and the judges had an extremely difficult time picking the International winner. The winner was Luis Fernando Quintero of LSU who talked on 'Hydrocarbon Typing Using The Dual-Spaced Neutron Tool Response." I didn't know that the Microsoft Power Point and a PC projector could so effectively be combined for an outstanding presentation. If you have not judged or been a moderator of one of these contests, you should consider doing so in the future as not only a service to SPE, but to get acquainted with the cutting edge technologies discussed by the students. It is lots of fun to boot!...I would like to thank Greg Scott, member of the Global SPE Career Guidance Committee and Senior past Chair of our Section, for inviting me to be the moderator.

Before ATCE, the SPE Board approved additional funds for feasibility study of the Global Technology Transfer (GTN) program in which among other things, the SPE members can present their capabilities globally on Internet. I believe this could greatly facilitate the global technology transfer. They also approved a large expenditure for further work on the much-needed Management Information System (MIS) which is designed to streamline the operations and eliminate redundancies in various handling of the membership information such as accounting, registration, advertising, etc.

On another Board-related matter, Dr. Khalid Aziz, Professor and past Chair of Petroleum Engineering Department at Stanford University, was named the Western Region Director filling the position vacated by our own Ms. Marina Voskanian. On behalf of our Section, I would like to thank Marina for representing us so well at the Board and welcome Khalid as our new Director. We are looking forward to working with Dr. Aziz to advance and achieve SPE goals.

Sam Sarem


Meetings This Month

L.A. Basin Board of Directors November 5
Petroleum Technology Forum NO MEETING
New Technology & Environmental Forum November 19


11 November
Class, Finding New Pay in Oil Wells, Gary Batcheller, Bakersfield (805) 326-5686)

11-12 November
Pacific Coast Oil Show & Conference
Bakersfield, CA (630) 241-9873

12 November
API Oilman's Barbque, Kern County
Fairgrounds, Bakersfield, CA (805) 323-6870

14 November
GOCAD++ Training, PTTC
USC, CA (213) 740-8076

19 November
Memory Enhancement, Diane Ryan
Desk & Derrick Club of Long Beach (562) 624-3346

December 5
Economic Impact of Premature Field Abandonment, PTTC, USC,
CA (213) 740-8076

Call SPE Richardson, for details @ (800) 456-6863


On September 23rd at the Los Angeles Basin Section "Industry Appreciation Night" dinner, Ed Santiago and Bruce Hesson received Section Service Awards for their work with the Section's community outreach program. Ed and Bruce are employees of the California Department of Conservations's Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources.

The purpose of the program, is to increase public awareness about the importance of the oil industry. The program consisted of presentations to over 400 third and fourth graders at International, Burroughs, Lowell, and Signal Hill elementary schools, a poster contest, and gift awards totaling $3,600. This money was used by the winning classrooms to purchase needed supplies. Winning posters were displayed at the WRM in Long Beach which brought many favorable comments from industry. Because of the enthusiasm from the students, teachers, and industry representatives, the Section intends to expand the program in the upcoming year.

We are pleased to announce that Nuevo Energy has agreed to participate in the community outreach program by not only being part of the classroom presentations, but by also sponsoring the poster contest at three schools in the Brea School District. Nuevo and the SPE will be arranging with school officials to plan the classroom presentations for next Spring. Thanks for the support!

If any operators in the Long Beach area are interested in participating at International, Burroughs, Lowell, or Signal Hill Elementary, please call Ed or Bruce at (562) 590-5311. We feel that in the long term this program will benefit the industry. Let us make the program an industry program we are proud of!



CO-CHAIRS, 1997-1998

Ron Behrens Chairman Chevron (562) 694-7813

Ed Santiago Program DOG (562) 590-5311

John Thompson Treasurer Gas Co (562) 578-2641

John Jepson Secretary DOG (562) 590-5311




CO-CHAIRS, 1997-1998

Allan SpivaCk INTERA Inc. (310) 979-4777

Ed Mayer Consultant (626) 796-4437

Scott Hara Tidelands (562) 436-9918

Vivian Bust Mission Geoscience (714) 955-9086

Michael Hagodd ARCO Env. Rem. (562) 597-3977


Date: Wednesday, November 19, 1997
Time: Registration-3:00 P.M., Program-3:30, Dinner-6:00

Long Beach Petroleum Club
3636 Linden Avenue
Long Beach, CA

Directions: Atlantic exit, 405 Frwy. Go north 3 signals to 36th St. Then left one block to Linden. Right on Linden to Club

Price: $25 including afternoon coffee

Reservations: Ed Meyer (562) 624-3377

Current Practice/New Technologies LA Basin Well Stimulation and Completions

Moderator Ed Meyer, Consultant

Speakers Chris Nelson BJ Services and THUMS Engineer.

Topic Producer & Injector Acidizing, Long Beach Unit


Speaker Ted Garland, Stocker Resources

Topic Stocker's Producer and Injector Acid Stimulation Program


Speakers Scott Hara and Julius Mondragon

Topic Tideland's Novel Low Cost Well Completion Technique Using Steam in Unconsolidated Sands, Wilmington


Speaker Eric Upchurch, THUMS Long Beach

Topic A Systematic Approach to Developing Engineering Data For Fracturing Poorly Consolidated Formations (SPE 38588)

This meeting will employ the afternoon and early dinner format to accommodate those who find it difficult to attend a traditional evening session.

A varied group of presentations will cover the latest stimulation and completion practices in the LA Basin fields. The presentations will reflect the changes and advances in technology to improve profitability. Discussions with the panel will be encouraged.


SPE Board of Directors Meeting
4-5 October, 1997, San Antonio, Texas

Appointment of 1999 SPE President

Gustavo Inciarte, board member of Petroleos de Venezuela 9PDVSA) in Caracas, was appointed by the SPE Board to be 1999 SPE President.

The appointment was made following hte resignation, due to personal health reasons, of David R. Keith, Troy Management Limited in London, UK. Inciarte will become SPE President-elect at the close of the Society's 1997 SPE ATCE in San Antonio.

Appointment fo Director Western Region

Khalid Azia, professor of petroleum engineering at Stanford University was appointed by the Board to a three year term on the SPE Board of Directors. Aziz will succeed Marina Voskanian, California State Lands Commission at the close of the 1997 SPE ATCE in San Antonio.

1997 SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE)

At the close of the day on Monday, 6 October, registration for the ATCE was 9,280. That compares with the final registration number of 8,907 in 1988 (Denver) and 9,000 in 1995 (Dallas).

SPE Officers for 1998

At the close of the SPE ATCE on 8 October, DeAnn Craig, Phillips Petroleum became the 1998 SPE President, succeeding T. Scott Hickman. Steve Holditch, S.A. Holditch & Associates, assumes the SPE Treasurer position, replacing Bob Steele, Stellarton Energy Corp.

Meetings Matters

The Board approved two actions regarding meetings:

a) Discontinue the Petroleum Computer Conference

b) Eliminate the exhibition at the biennial SPE/EPA Exploration and Production Environmental Conference.

Global Technical Nework

The Board approved funding of up to &180,000 to develop a feasibility study of completing the Global Technical Network.

Leadership Conference

Plans are underway for a Leadership Conference to be held in 1999. A special task force is developing plans for the Conference, which is envisioned to attract Industry leaders and SPE officers to discuss future issues that will impact the industry and the Society. The Leadership Conference is envisioned to provide guidance to the SPE officers and directors for programs and infinitives into the 21st century.

Technical Interest Groups (TIGs)

Since announcement of the TIG program in the May, 1997 issue of the JPT, more than 1,500 SPE members have joined more than 45 TIG groups. There are TIG members from 53 countries. SPE Members will have an opportunity to sign up for the TIGs with the 1998 dues statement and at the SPE ATCE in San Antonio. The TIG program is planned as a means to provide a communication medium for upstream professionals who are interested in sharing views and experiences on technical or operational subjects.

This issue marks the debut of a new editor and new, professional printer. We hope you notice the new and improved document.

The LA Basin Section has always used volunteer help for every step of gathering, pasting, printing, posting, and mailing process needed to get this Newsletter into your hands. Alas, while trying to keep costs low by taking advantage of bulk mailing, the "process" has become more complex and labor intensive. Hence, using a professional print and mail house permits the Section to continue producing a quality document, with volunteer supervision, but with less work on "our" part.

Since "we" will have more time on our hands, we can entertain new formats and coverage. There will be experiments with new features, new writers, and new formats. You, the reader, are encouraged to suggest ideas you think might be of interest to other members, or respond to things you think need improvement. An editorial page for instance, will be considered, if there is enough interest. So, read this copy with a critical eye, think about what you like in other documents and pass the ideas along. We all will benefit. I can be reached at (562) 692-4474 or by email at

Mitchell Findlay


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