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March 1998 - NEWSLETTER

Meetings This Month
L.A. Basin Board of Directors March 4
Petroleum Technology Forum March 10
New Technology & Environmental Forum March 18
PTTC (Petroleum Technology Transfer Council) March 26

At our February Board meeting, Vivian Bust and Ed Santiago were nominated to be the Section Vice Chair to replace Bruce Hesson, who resigned last month. Vivian declined the Vice Chairman nomination due to work considerations and thanked the Board for nominating her. Ed was elected unanimously. Ed is with the California Division of Oil and Gas and Program Chairman of the Petroleum Technology Forum. He is also on the LA Basin Section Board serving his third year as director. Congratulations Ed and welcome aboard. The vacancy on the Board created by Bruce will be filled shortly.

The Section Board also approved the Internet linkage of our website to London SPE Section website, which posts international job opportunities, and to any other no-fee job boards that could benefit the membership. Also approved was the posting of members' resume seeking employment.

As I mentioned in the last issue, your Board approved the Section Bylaws revisions prepared by an ad hoc committee made of Ed Mayer, Wes Wisdom and Greg Scott. The committee chair, Ed Mayer, prepared a summary of the changes for your information and approval and it was to have been inserted in the last issue of the Newsletter, but was left out. However, it is included in this issue. Please review the changes and respond as requested by Ed. After your approval, the revised Bylaws will be sent to Richardson for approval by the executive committee before it becomes effective for our Section.

According to our Bylaws (old and revised), three directors are elected each year for a 3-year term. Our Nominating Committee Chair ( and Newsletter Editor), Mitch Findlay, will shortly present the names of three candidates to replace the directors whose terms expire this year. If you or any of your colleagues are interested to be a director, please inform Mitch.

Because of the huge success of WRM held in Long Beach last year, our Section will be allowed to host the meeting again in the year 2000. Now is the time to volunteer your services as we start the planning of the meeting. Elsewhere in this Newsletter, Scott Hara, last WRM General Chair, has more about the subject. Please let me know if you would like to volunteer your services for this very worthwhile opportunity.

This year the Western Regional Meeting will be held in Bakersfield on 11-13 May. You can find the details on Internet. Try then link to SJV Section in Bakersfield or . Let's show up in force from LA Basin and volunteer our services to help our sister Section have a very successful Regional Meeting.

Another meeting of possible interest to you is the International Non-Renewable Energy Source Congress (INRESC) to be held in Teheran, Iran on December 12-17, 1998. This is the second such congress and, as with the first congress, will include many papers in petroleum engineering from SPE members including the modern techniques and field results in Exploration and Production of oil and gas. Yours truly is putting together several sessions on Reservoir Management, Characterization and Engineering and looking for good papers or 'GEMS' in these areas. If you are interested to submit your abstract, you can get more information on Internet. The address is You can also link to it from The deadline for submission of abstracts is 1 July.

Sam Sarem

Volunteers Needed.....

The 2000 SPE Western Regional Meeting.....will soon be back in Long Beach!

The 1997 WRM was action-packed and truly a "New Dawn in the Old West". Attendance was over 900 people, a 55% increase over the previous Long Beach WRM in 1994. About half of the attendees actively participated as a speaker, a session chair, a teacher or activity coordinator, a WRM Committee person or a volunteer. If you thought the 1997 WRM was good, this was the primary reason why.

The time has come to begin planning the next WRM. We now know the potential of a well organized WRM and this next one could and should be even bigger and better. Everyone who is interested in participating in the 2000 WRM Committee please contact Scott Hara by email at, by phone at 562-495-9351 or by fax at 562-495-1950 by March 18. The objective is to set up an official kick-off meeting in late-March. All committee positions are open.

Too busy, you think? We love busy people, because busy people are organized, know what has to get done, cut to the essentials and don't waste time. Join us and see.



This year, the Membership Committee has set a goal of recruiting 50 new members to our section (97/98). Statistics have indicated the most effective method of recruiting is through the efforts of our own members. Our membership has the ability to survey their own companies and solicit existing or new employees. We are off to a great start this year with the addition of 18 new section members as a result of the Western Regional Meeting held in Long Beach last summer. Let's keep the momentum going!

Your Board of Directors has approved a membership drive incentive program. This year we are offering a A Get a Member - Get a T-Shirt program. If you are able to solicit and successfully recruit a new member to SPE, you will receive a L.A. Basin Section T-Shirt. (These are of the same design and quality the U.S.C. students were selling for $15 each at the WRM)! If you successfully recruit more than one new member, you will receive a T-Shirt for each. Plan on giving them to your co-workers, friends, clients, kids, etc. if you are a serious recruiter.

We challenge you! Go ahead and see how many shirts you can take off of the back of Board of Directors.

Jeff Blesener
Rich Faulk
Membership Committee Co-Chairmen

Upcoming Events

March 10, 1998
"Multilaterals Revitalize Waterflood"
Petroleum Technology Forum, Long Beach

March 12, 1998
"Multilaterals Revitalize Waterflood"
SJ Valley Section, Hodel,s Restaurant, Bakersfield

March 15-18
SPE Gas Technology Symposium
Calgary, Canada

March 23-26
SPE Permian Basin Oil & Gas Recovery Conference
Midland, Texas

April 1, 1998
Investments in the Oil and Gas Industry
NOMADS at Long Beach Petroleum Club
Bill Baker (714) 250-4952

April 5-8
SPE Rocky Mountain Regional / Low Permiability Reservoirs Permeability
Symposium and Exhibition
Denver, CO

April 8
SPE Community Outreach Barbeque. The event is at Weatherford's warehouse, 19722 So. Alameda St., Rancho Dominguez, on Wednesday 4/8, 5 pm Fixin's will be the Santa Maria style, beer, sodas, etc. Any proceeds from the event will fund the annual Easter Egg hunt we sponsor for disadvantaged school scildren in the Long Beach area.
Tickets are $10 each and are available from Ed Santiago (714) 816-6847 (DOGGR) or Jeff Blesener at (562) 570-3905, Email:
The event will include a raffle as in past years.

April 14, 1998
Petroleum Technology Forum,Topic TBA
Long Beach CA

May 4-7
Offshore Technology Conference
Houston, Texas

May 8, 1998
SPE-API-D&D Charity Golf Tournament
Green River Rd., Corona, CA

May 11-15
SPE Western Regional Meeting
Bakersfield, CA

May 10 to 15
Integrating Well Testing & Res. Characterization
Nusa Dua, Indonesia (60)3-294-7211

May 12
THUMS Review of the Last Fiscal Year's Goals and Performance, Steve Freeman, President
Petroleum Technology Forum, Long Beach

May 17 to 22
Advances in Drilling Tech. & Operations
Nusa Dua, Indonesia (60)3-294-7211



Officers, 1997-1998
Ron Behrens Chairman Chevron (562) 694-7813
Ed Santiago Program DOG (714) 816-6847
John Thompson Treasurer Gas Co (562) 578-2641
John Jepson Secretary DOG (714) 816-6847

Date: Tuesday, March 10, 1998
Social: 11:30 a.m.
Lunch: 12:00
Presentation: 12:30

Long Beach Petroleum Club
3636 Linden Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90807
Cost: $13.00 member, $5.00 student

Reservations: Not Required

Speaker: Scott D. Hall, SPE Distinguished Lecturer

Topic: Multilaterals Revitalize Waterflood

Multilateral drilling and the technology behind it are converting a mature waterflood in Utah from a five-spot pattern to a linedrive pattern. This lecture reviews the design, drilling, and completion of short-radius lateral wells and considers the lessons learned as this new technology has led to increased production and improved recovery.

Scott D. Hall is an advanced petroleum engineer at Texaco E&P Inc. in Denver, Colorado. Since joining Texaco in 1980, he has worked in production, drilling, exploration, and reservoir engineering. Hall recently won the Best Field Development in the Rockies Award from Hart Publications for a paper based on the multilateral

drilling program in Utah. Hall holds a BS degree in civil engineering from the U. of Colorado.


New Technology and Evironmental Forum

CO-CHAIRS, 1997-1998
Vivian Bust Mission Geoscience (714) 955-9086
Scott Hara Tidelands Oil Prod.Co. (562) 436-9918
Ed Mayer Consultant (626) 796-4437
Allan Spivak Intera-Duke (310) 979-4777
Michael Hagood ARCO Env. Rem. (213) 486-3685

Joint Meeting with the Desk and Derrick Club

Date: Wednesday, March 18, 1998
Time: Registration: 6:00 p.m.
Dinner: 6:30
Presentation: 7:15
Long Beach Petroleum Club
3636 Linden Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90807
Cost: $20.00
Reservations: Call Ed Meyer (562) 624-3377 On or before March 13th


Speaker: Lorraine Mazza, Regional Coordinator "Plug-In California"

Abstract "Plug-In California" is a consumer awareness and education program about electric deregulation. It was mandated by the State Legislature and authorized by the California Public Utilities Commission to provide unbiased information about the electric deregulation process.

Many programs are being presented about electric deregulation as it affects larger business. Radio and T.V. commercials superficially address deregulation options for the homeowner and small business. Most of us will have a choice of electric supplier but the options and their consequence have been vague. Come and be informed. Knowledge is Power!


Technology of Horizontal and Multilateral Drilling and Completion Workshop

March 26, 1998 Bakersfield
Fundamentals of Horizontal and Multi Lateral
Well Drilling
Coiled Tubing Applications
Overview of Horizontal Well Logging and
Well Testing
Casing and Completion Techniques
Horizontal Holes in Heavy Oil Reservoirs
Case Studies

To register Contact Dr. Hooshang Kharabaf, West Coast PTTC at (213) 7408076



The LA Basin Section is pleased to offer the following two day SPE approved course, "Review for the Principles and Practices Exam", given by Charles D. Haynes (Univ. of Alabama) and William D. McCain Jr. (Holditch and Associates). This course will be held at the USC Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Bldg. on Friday and Saturday, May 8 & 9, 1998 in cooperation with the PTTC.

This course is for engineers desiring to pass the U. S. professional registration exam. If you plan to take the fall exam, you should begin the application process with the state board during the spring of '98. This course reviews typical petroleum engineering problems found on the professional registration exam. Topics include drilling and completion, production, logging, economics, improved recovery, and formation evaluation. Course materials are up-dated yearly to incorporate recent changes in the exam.

It will be necessary to pre-register for this course, since we must have a firm count of students to offer the course. The course cannot be taught unless we have a minimum of ten students. The tuition is $300 for SPE members(and student affiliates) and $350 for non-SPE members. Tuition subsidies for full time students and unemployed engineers will be considered on an individual basis, if we have at least 12 participants in the course. Please fill out and enclose the pre - registration form below and a pre-registration fee of $30, and send to Dr. Bruce Davis, Continuing Education Chairman, LA Basin Section, SPE, c/o Chevron Petroleum Technology Co., 1300 Beach Blvd., La Habra, CA 90631. The balance of the tuition is due no later than April 1, 1998. If there are not at least 10 participants by April 1, the course will be cancelled and fees returned. The pre-registration fee will be retained by the Section if a participant cancels after April 1.

If you have any questions, please call Bruce Davis at 562-694-7154. Fax 562-694-7746



The SPE Foundation has announced it is seeking candidates for the Gus Archie Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship funds a student through four years of undergraduate study at the level of $4000 per year.

The recipient of the scholarship must be an incoming freshman for the 1998-1999 school year and enrolled in an accredited program leading to an undergraduate degree in petroleum engineering. The deadline for submittal of the completed application will be April 15,1998. For an application and more information, please contact John Jepson, Scholarship Chairman, at (562) 590-5311.

CSULB's Student Chapter Activities

The SPE student chapter at California State University, Long Beach had 4 organizational meetings and 3 general meetings during Fall 1997.The chapter has recruited 4 new members and has been involved in several student activities on and off campus including student workshops, picnics, industry night, the end of semester award banquet and symposium attendance and voluntary work.

In its first organizational meeting in September 97, the following officers were elected for 1997-98 academic year:

Tareq Ismail, President
Todd Bustillo, Vice President
Mersedeh Tootoonchi, Secretary
Kenneth Snyder, Treasurer

In a joint SPE- ASME meeting on November 19, representatives from Texaco refinery and production presented a video on the company's worldwide activities on energy and discussed the job opportunities with Texaco for petroleum, mechanical, chemical and other engineering majors.

On November 22, the two chapter officers were involved in conducting a workshop on Website development for CSULB engineering students which was very successful.

On December 3, in the second joint SPE-ASME meeting Mr. Mike Paik, Field Engineer with Southern California Edison gave a presentation on utility deregulation in California and its impact on industry and consumers. Over 40 students and faculty attended the presentation which was well received. Job opportunities for engineers in the wake of utility deregulation were also discussed. On December 10, the SPE student chapter in association with other engineering organizations on campus under Associated Engineering Student Body held its end of semester award banquet. The chapter officers were actively involved in arranging and conducting the banquet. Professor Torabzadeh, SPE faculty advisor, received the outstanding faculty advisor award.

During January 29-31, several chapter members were involved in voluntary activities for the Second international Symposium on Energy and Environmental Management and Technology held in Long Beach.

For the Spring 98 semester, the chapter has planned several talks, video presentations, field trips, campus and community activities which will be reported on in later issues .

Jalal Torabzadeh Professor & Petroleum Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Department
Tel. (562)985-8181 email:


USC's Student Chapter of the SPE

This upcoming semester looks to be an interesting one for the University of Southern California's SPE chapter. We have had our first meeting and have planned our first activity; a trip to Bakersfield to see Texaco's Kern River Operation. Since several of our members, past and present, interned or worked full time in Bakersfield, we think it is a great opportunity for our members. This is especially true of our undergraduate students. Many of our members take no classes in petroleum engineering and have never seen an oil field. For them, the opportunities provided by SPE are very valuable. Over half of those attending our meeting were undergraduate chemical engineers. While this is a great opportunity, it also provides a challenge. It is difficult to find a speaker that a student seeking a Master's degree or Ph.D. in petroleum engineering would find interesting and an undergraduate student in another field would understand. Still, we much prefer a diverse, active organization to a small, uninvolved one. This is the price that we pay for the growth we have experienced. We have been blessed with growth and increased activity in the past few years that culminated in us winning the USC School of Engineering Undergraduate Student Organization of the Year for 1996 ­ 1997. None of this would have been possible without the support that we have received from Los Angeles Basin Section and the whole petroleum industry.


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