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June 1998 - NEWSLETTER

Meetings This Month
L.A. Basin Board of Directors June 3
PTTC (Petroleum Technology Transfer Council) None
Petroleum Technology Forum None
New Technology & Environmental Forum None (Next meeting is Sept 16)

Important E-Notice




Although your Board of Directors voted to change the Section Bylaws to make the start of the Section year coincide with that of the SPE International on 1 October, this Newsletter is the last one for this year. Thus, I take this opportunity to thank you for your support and loyalty and bid you farewell and best wishes.

It has been a great pleasure for me to serve as your Chair and work with the enthusiastic, innovative and intelligent directors and committee chairs, which made my job very easy and enjoyable. As a result, I proudly believe we have collectively achieved the goal of improving our communication with the public and our members as was highly recommended by the Petroleum Engineering Education Colloquium at 1997 ATCE. This is exemplified by two highly successful and well-attended meetings during the year: one in September featuring a talk on "Changing Workplace" by Texaco's Director of Diversity and Employment, Edward Gadson, and another in April on "Global Warming Misconceptions" by UNOCAL's former CEO, Richard Stegemeier. We also had a very successful and well-attended joint meeting with the Desk and Derrick Club of Long Beach. In all, we had some 18 meetings with per meeting attendance's ranging from 15 to 115.

While we continued our past successful programs such as Community Outreach, Scholarship, Golf Tournament and Egg Hunt, we also embarked on some new programs. Those programs include giving prizes to Petroleum-Related Science Fair projects in Orange and LA counties, tours of Thums Island in Long Beach and ARCO Tankers and helping the startup of the SPE student chapter at Cal State University Long Beach. We also updated the Section Bylaws.

We also took on the added responsibility of planning and coordinating the year 2000 SPE Regional Meeting to be held in Long Beach. An Advisory Committee composed of the interested Board members and a few key people from the industry was formed and Glen Swanson of Duke Engineering and Services was elected as the General Chair for the meeting. Glenn was asked to look into the possibility of meeting jointly with Pacific Regional AAPG Meeting. Please contact Glenn if you are interested in assisting in any of the various areas, such as, Programming, Registration, Publicity, Exhibits, etc.

Again thank you for your support and kind words. See you at one of the future forum meetings.

Sam Sarem


Important E-Notice

The LA Basin Section has an active web page providing timely announcements of upcoming events. It can be reached at The Section is now able to E-mail abbreviated monthly newsletters by the 25th of each month (effective August 25th for the September Issue). If you would like to have this E-letter sent to you electronically, just send our Webmaster, Larry Gilpin, your email address. He can be reached at our website. If you just want the facts, and don't have time to read the paper based Newsletter, let us know this too. We will just email you the pertinent details and take you off our mailing list (our trees win too!).




The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) is the preeminent technical professional society for petroleum and other engineers engaged in the exploration and production of oil and natural gas. SPE is a non-profit organization with over 50,000 members world-wide and serves its members by providing relevant technology information dissemination through its peer-reviewed journals, distinguished lecturers, meetings and exhibitions. Locally, in the Western Region SPE, the Los Angeles Basin Section has 700+ members. Please visit our website homepage at

The LA Basin Section also serves its members through involvement in community service and awareness programs which place the petroleum industry in a positive light. These activities include: 1) awarding scholarships to students at local high schools and universities and those competing in Science Fair programs; 2) participating in community outreach programs for kids-at-risk, including the "ALIVE" program for assisting abused children in the Long Beach and Wilmington areas and our perennial favorite -- the Kindergarten Easter Egg Hunt for the International Elementary School in Long Beach; 3) providing internships and mentoring programs to the best and brightest high school and college students to encourage them to seek a career in the petroleum industry; and 4) presenting the petroleum industry to fourth and fifth graders in schools located near the "oil patch" and offering cash prizes to winning classes who submit the best art posters depicting the benefits "as the children see them" of the petroleum industry to our daily lives.

Our FUN and fund raising activities include an annual BBQ and Golf Tournament. Continuing education offerings for membership also include classroom training courses, focused workshops and field trips. In 1998, such field trips included walk-through tours of the double-hauled oil tankers ARCO Alaska and ARCO Spirit. The tour was sponsored by ARCO Marine, Inc. (AMI) and hosted by Richard Verches, the Director of Public/Media Relations and Crisis Communications for AMI. It may come as a surprise, but ALL of the tour group members (and most of our local SPE members in general) had never been on a tanker before and really enjoyed the tours.

Make this next year the one your volunteer efforts make a difference in your professional life and to the community in which you work and live.

Vivian K. Bust
SPE LA Basin Director


The Awards and Nominations Committee, at the direction of the Board of Directors, has nominated Ed Santiago as the 1998-1999 Los Angeles Basin Section Chairman. He replaces Sam Sarem whose term will end this September 30th. Also nominated are three new Directors who will replace present directors whose three-year terms will end in September 30th. The new Directors are Bruce Davis, Hooshang Kharabaf, and one position yet to be filled. They will fill positions vacated by outgoing directors Scott Hara, Vivian Bust, and Bruce Hesson.

The incoming officers and directors have been active in local SPE activities, as well as their real jobs. Ed Santiago is a engineer with the Division of Oil and Gas and Geothermal Resources, District #1. Ed is the current vice chairman for the LA Basin Section.

Dr. Bruce Davis is a Staff Research Scientist at Chevron Petroleum Technology Company, as well as an Adjunct Professor at USC. Bruce is currently the Section's Continuing Education Chairman. He has been filling Bruce Hesson's director's position since Bruce transferred to Ventura.

Dr. Hooshang Kharabaf is the manager of the PTTC West Coast Resource Center at USC. He has been instrumental in organizing PTTC activities during its first two years in California. He has been the Section's PTTC representative since its local inception. This will be his first term as a Director.

A third Directors nomination is under discussion and will be announced shortly on our web page. However, the Board has only nominated the above persons. You as members have the right and responsibility to nominate yourself or others. Such nominations must be endorsed by 10 Section members in good standing (i.e paid their dues). Send completed nominations to Vivian Bust, Section Secretary by June 20th. Please contact Mitch Findlay, Nominations and Award Chairman with any questions regarding these nominations.



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June 7
CIPA Annual Meeting Monterey, CA

June 11
Practical Aspects of 4D Seismic Lunch Meeting, Bakersfield (805) 392-3435

July 5-10 & 12-17
SPE Forum Series in North America Breckenridge, Colorado

June 15 PTTC
Forum Feedback to Regulatory Agencies Vent ura, CA

July 19-24
SEG/SPE Forum Big Sky, Montana

July 24
PTTC Troubleshooters Forum Los Angeles, CA

August 18
NOMADS R.M. Pyles Golf Tournament Rio Hondo G.C. (213) 927-2329

September 9 & 10
Prevention First 98 Symposium and Technical Exhibition State Lands Commission Marine Facility Division Long Beach, CA

September 16
New Technology and Environmental Forum Long Beach Petroleum Club

PTTC West Coast Resource Center

Feedback to Regulatory Agencies - A Forum
Ventura, CA
June 15, 1998

Troubleshooter's Forum
Los Angeles, CA
July 24, 1998

To register contact Dr. Hooshang Kharabaf,
West Coast PTTC (213) 740-8076

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