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Meetings this Month

Board of Directors Jan 8
Petroleum Technology Forum Jan 14
Environmental & Study Group Forum-No Meeting
PTTC Technology Workshop Jan 15


Depending on when you read this letter, let me wish you a happy holiday season, or else, I hope you had a great holiday season.

Before we ring in the new year, perhaps a review of events that affected your local section of the SPE might be of interest. The local chapter of the API shut down, but donated $6,000 to our the Los Angeles Basin Section for additional scholarship support. We then funded 3 new scholarships of $1,000 each to our member's local high school students. The 2nd Annual Membership cookout was attended by 130 members (our current membership role hovers around 700) and generated $4,000 more for the scholarship fund. Our section granted $6,400 to local college students as scholarships.

Cal Poly Pomona closed their petroleum program. Fortunately, California State University, Long Beach, under Dr. Torabzadeh started a program and a student SPE section. We have already granted scholarship funds to the students there.

The USC Engineering department continues their strong program in petroleum. Now, the department is hosting the new PTTC program. The PTTC had their opening ceremonies in mid December. Over 200 people from the DOE, California Energy Commission, the Division of Oil and Gas, and engineers from both independent and large oil companies attended. The PTTC's goal is to disseminate information from government and companies of all sizes. With the continuing change of demographics in the Los Angeles Basin where independents are replacing majors, an agency willing to help smaller companies exchange R and D information can fill a real local need.

Our section also contributed to the spread of information this year by adding a new column "As Heard in the Patch" to our newsletter. Terry Woods, the editor, is helping to share local success stories we should all find of interest. Finally, no list of achievements would be complete without mention of our web page. Larry Gilpin has done a wonderful job in providing pertinent information and links to other resource sites. For those not on line, perhaps Santa brought you the right machine, modem, and internet provider?

The new year should be interesting and fun(?) Our finances are robust enough that we can consider expanded scholarship support. Sam Sarem is looking into a 5 year plan for the Section's finances. If you have any ideas or opinions on how the Section handles its resources, let Sam know.

There is a new column this month listing upcoming events that might be of interest to the members. If you know of any upcoming pertinent event, call, fax, or e-mail me with the details.

Finally, our Section hosts the Western Regional Meeting in June. This happens once every 3 years, and there was originally talk of not hosting the event due to our diminished capacity as an active oil province. We have 6 months before show time, so if someone comes asking for your help or support, please say "yes, and what else can I do". This newsletter will keep you informed of developments for the WRM and other activities.

Enjoy the holidays, and get ready for another good year in the patch.

Mitch Findlay


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Bruce Hesson, Chairman, Div. of Oil and Gas, Dept. of Conservation - (310) 590-5311
Ron Behrens, Program Chairman, Chevron Petroleum Technology Co. (310) 694-7813
Ed Santiago, Treasurer, Div. of Oil and Gas, Dept. of Conservation - (310) 590-5311
John Thompson, Secretary, The Gas Co. - (310) 578-2689


January 14, 1997

Registration: 11:15 a.m.
Lunch: 11:45 a.m.
Speaker: 12:15 p.m.
Finish: 1:00 p.m.

Long Beach Petroleum Club
3636 Linden Ave., Long Beach
Reservations not required.

$15.00/general - $5.00/students



All oil field operators are aware of the critical need to monitor and to control the oil content of produced water. Clean, oil-free water is absolutely essential to protect the environment and to reduce maintenance problems in downstream facilities (filters, softeners, steam generators, injection wells, etc.). Recently, new analysis instruments have been developed that can determine oil content online without sampling or operator intervention. Results are available in real time and can be used to alarm operators of system upsets or to automatically adjust operating parameters through process control. This lecture describes the current technology in produced water monitoring instrumentation and shows how it can be applied to automate water plant operations. A variety of on-line analyzers are reviewed critically, with comments on calibration procedures, maintenance requirements and suitability to different types of produced water streams. Examples of successful field installations will be discussed.

Dale earned his B.S. degree from Loyola University and his Ph.D. degree from Baylor University, both in chemistry. In the past 16 years, Dale has worked on the development and field application of new technology for oil field producing operations. His experience included both R&D activities and field assignments in EOR, chemical treating, well stimulation, and produced fluid analysis. Since 1989, he has worked at Texaco's E&P Technology Division, where he currently is Senior Research Associate. His activities are devoted to the evaluation, development, and field application of new instrumental techniques for monitoring produced water. Dr. Brost holds five patents in on-line analysis instrumentation.



Vivian K. Bust, Consultant, (714) 786-1185
Scott Hara, Tidelands Oil Production Co., (310) 436-9918
Ed Mayer, Consultant, (818) 796-4437
Allan Spivak, Duke-Intera, (310) 979-4777



Earlier this year, Torch Operating Company completed the takeover of the local Unocal properties. The impact of Torch's presence has resulted in a strong contribution to the area industry. Current activity includes new well drilling coupled with a strong workover schedule to define remaining reserves in the Brea-Olinda Field. The most significant reward, thus far, to Torch's efforts to increse production have resulted rather quickly from upper Miocene completions in their Wilmington Field offshore wells. Beginning in August of this year, Torch will forcuse on upper zone completions on wells that Unocal had left shut-in for a number of years on Platform Esther. The target wells exist on a structually up-dipping trend just adjacent to a northeasterly fault line. After four new completions in existing wellbores, th Platform's production has increased from 900 BOPD to 1900 BOPD. Two more wells will soon be completed along this trend with another four candidates due at a later date. Torch's early goals in 1997 will be to shift emphasis to Platform Eva with hopes of similar success. In addition, a good activity level should remain throughout 1997 in the Brea-Olinda Field. Through aggressiveness and continued success, the outlook for Torch in the L.A. Basin looks very promising.

Terry Woods,

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The Los Angeles Basin Section of the Society of Petroleum Engineers was able to offer four $1,600 scholarships for the 1996/97 school year. Petroleum programs eligible for these awards are California State University, Long Beach and the University of Southern California. Students were selected based on their excellent scholastic achievement, SPE involvement, school and community volunteer work, and petroleum industry experience.

On December 3rd, two students from California State University, Long Beach received their scholarship awards at the Petroleum Technology Forum luncheon. Their Program Chairman, Professor Torabzadeh, was also in attendance. The following are brief biographies of these recipients.

Mercedeh Tootoonchi is a graduate student in Mechanical Engineering enrolled in the petroleum option. She has a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering and currently serves as the Vice President of the SPE student chapter at CSLB. She is a member of several student organizations and has industry experience involving the processing and manufacturing of petroleum products.

Todd Bustillo is a senior in Mechanical Engineering with the petroleum option. Todd currently serves as the President for the SPE student chapter and is a member of the Tau Beta Pi, the Honorary Engineering Society. Future plans include employment in the petroleum industry, specifically in the area of drilling and tool design.

Two students from USC, who were unable to attend the award ceremonies, will also receive awards. Below are biographies for these recipients.

Nicole Godejohn is a senior in Chemical Engineering with the petroleum option. She is the secretary of the SPE student chapter and a member of the Tau Beta PI Honor Society, Captain of the Water Ski Team, and several other school organizations. Nicole has accepted a position with Mobile Exploration and Production in Bakersfield as an operations engineer. This was her second scholarship from the LA Basin Section.

Joseph Durham is a junior in Chemical Engineering with a petroleum option. He is the Vice President of the student chapter and a varsity member of the swim team. Joseph has summer work experience with Texaco in Kern River and would like to work as a reservoir engineer upon graduation.

Funds for these scholarships come, in part, from Richardson, Texas through annual membership fees. But his only accounts for about 20 percent. The remainder of the scholarship money was raised through our annual fund-raisers, such as the Annual BBQ and the SPE/API/Desk & Derrick Golf Tournament.

The Los Angeles Basin Section would like to thank our membership for making these events a success, which in turn allows us to provide these scholarships.

Bruce Hesson
Scholarship Chairman


10-12 February

SPE Intl. Thermal Operations and Heavy Oil Symposium - Bakersfield, California

18-21 February

SPE Intl. Symposium on Oilfield Chemistry
Houston, Texas

3-5 March

SPE/EPA Exploration and Production Environmental Conference - Dallas, Texas

9-11 March

SPE Production Operations Symposium
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

16-18 March

SPE Hydrocarbon Economics and Evaluation Symposium - Dallas, Texas

14-16 April

SPE Asia Pacific Oil and Gas Conference
Kuala Lumpur

4-8 May

Offshore Technology Conference
Houston, Texas

11-18 May

SPE Forum Series in Asia Pacific
Nusa Dua, Indonesia

18-21 May

SPE Rocky Mountain Regional Meeting
Casper, Wyoming

15-16 August

SPE Applied Technology Workshop
Houston, Texas

Call SPE Richardson, for details (800) 456-6863


Nominations are now being requested from the section membership for thirteen national awards that will be presented at the October, 1997 Annual Technological Conference and Exhibition in San Antonio, Texas. The awards are listed below with a brief description of its significance. I hope you will focus your nominee selections within the membership of our Los Angeles Basin as we are rich in members who have distinguished themselves with achievements and contributions in the categories described by these awards. I have provided a nominating form at the bottom of this notice which you can use to make your selections. Please submit your completed form to me at the address below no later than January 31,1997. The section board will compile all the nominations and submit its recommendations to the SPE headquarters office and its nominating committees for their final selection. The SPE Board of Directors will approve these nominations during its June, 1997 Board meeting.

Anthony F. Lucas Gold Medal - Distinguished achievement in techniques for finding and producing petroleum.

Lester C. Uren Award - Distinguished achievement in petroleum engineering before age 45.

Drilling Engineering Award - Distinguished achievements in drilling technology.

Production Engineering Award - Outstanding achievements in production technology.

Reservoir Engineering Award - Outstanding achievements in reservoir technology.

DeGolyer Distinguished Service Medal - Distinguished service to SPE, and professions of engineering, geology, and the petroleum industry.

Public Service Award - Distinguished service to a country, state, community, or the public through excellence in leadership, service, or humanitarianism.

Distinguished Service Award - Outstanding Service to SPE.

Honorary Membership - Outstanding service to SPE and/or distinguished scientific or engineering achievement.

John Franklin Carll Award - Contributions that further petroleum engineering through advancement of the profession or application of engineering principles.

Distinguished Member - For achievements or service to the SPE worthy of special recognition.

Young Member Outstanding Service Award - Contributions to public, SPE, industry, profession by members under age 36.

Distinguished Achievement Award for Petroleum Engineering Faculty - Superiority in classroom teaching.


Anthony F. Lucas Gold Medal _______________________________________________________

Lester C. Uren Award ______________________________________________________________

Drilling Engineering Award __________________________________________________________

Production Engineering Award _______________________________________________________

Reservoir Engineering Award ________________________________________________________

DeGolyer Distinguished Service Medal ________________________________________________

Public Service Award ______________________________________________________________

Distinguished Service Award ________________________________________________________

Honorary Membership _____________________________________________________________

John Franklin Carll Award __________________________________________________________

Distinguished Member _____________________________________________________________

Young Member Outstanding Service Award ___________________________________________________________

Distinguished Achievement Award for Petroleum Engineering Faculty __________________________________________________________

If you would like to recieve additional information on the rules and qualifications for the above awards, please contact me at (310) 590-5740.

Gregory Scott, Awards and Nominations Chairman
c/o California State Lands Commission
200 Oceangate, 12th Floor
Long Beach, CA 90802

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